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Miles Davis Album By Album: Doo Bop (1992)

About a year ago, I researched an Album By Album feature for Uncut magazine. For the feature I tried to talk to as many musicians as I could who had played on some great/pivotal Miles Davis albums. Doo Bop, from 20 years ago, isn’t everyone’s favourite – but it is the final Miles Davis album, and Easy Mo’ Bee was happy to tell me about his part in it. Mo Bee (as his rep told me to call him) had told this story a few times, as you probably would if you’d worked with Miles Davis, and “did the voice” in much the same way people do a voice when they’ve just met Paul Weller. He was a nice guy to talk to. In lieu of the traditional “lack of new post apology” I will try to post a few more of these interviews in the coming days.

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