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It’s unlikely I will ever drop the $400 or so – not to mention the 40 or so quid it would cost to get it released from customs – that I would need to lay out to buy it, but even experienced digitally, the second Paramount Box set released by Jack White’s Third Man records is just extraordinary. I wrote about it a while ago for my UAE guys and if nothing else it encouraged me to dig around in my John Fahey stuff to find the correct Fahey quote about Skip James (see below). Fahey went on to write that at the time they met, Skip James had cancer of the genitals and had lately had pretty much all of these genitals removed. Which might, I guess, account for some of his unsunny disposition, though nothing Fahey writes suggests that Skip was ever a pleasant man, even when he had the full complement of reproductive organs. Anyway. Continue reading

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I would love to say it was unbelievable that it’s over a year since I posted on here, but it’s anything but. Anyway, here’s a review of the new Led Zeppelin reissue, Physical Graffiti that ran in The National in the United Arab Emirates.

As you will note from the text, I went to the album launch playback at what used to be Olympic Studios. It was an authentically 1975 experience. I was given a Led Zeppelin wristband, ate a Led Zeppelin salad, afterwards wiping my mouth with a Led Zeppelin napkin. I’m not too proud to say I pocketed a Led Zeppelin coaster.

Jimmy Page was there, and I will leave you with the words he spoke before the album’s “companion audio” was played. “Enjoy, yeah?”

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